Get rid of hair for good with our Laser Hair Removal!

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser, an intense, pulsating beam of light, to remove unwanted hair. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth.

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Laser Hair Removal

Our professionals have the best training and guarantee an effective treatment against hair growth using the best lasers so that you have smooth, even skin free of unwanted hair!

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Elicia Barrows
Elicia Barrows
I had an amazing experience with Marjori, She was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She made my appointment comfortable. I can’t wait for my next one 🥰
Vivian Araujo
Vivian Araujo
I have only great things to say about Pretti Aesthetics. Everyone is so great and thoughtful and the service is impeccable. I did a face Cool Peel with Zaly Pretti and I am so happy about it. She made me feel so comfortable and making sure I was well during the process. Having just the best results. Almost all my freckles are gone, my skin is radiant, healthy and rejuvenated. Recommend it 100%! ;)
Renee Gruner
Renee Gruner
Love this place! They know what they're doing and they're good at it!
Alyssa Donahue
Alyssa Donahue
UPDATED REVIEW: I wanted to share an updated review about some additional services I have been getting at Pretti Aesthetics over the past few months. I continue to see Dulci for my facials, and now my lashes as well and I couldn't be happier! I get the Brazilian Lash Extensions and absolutely love the results! Additionally, I'm new to fillers but wanted to refresh my lips as I feel over time they have lost their natural plumpness, Marjori did such an AMAZING job and I couldn't be happier! The results are so natural and beautiful! She was thorough and honest with her assessment and absolutely lovely to be around. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease with everything. I also most recently got my eyebrows done by Maylla for the first ever. She was so wonderful and again thorough in explaining the process and the aftercare. I'm still healing and will be following up with her in few weeks but so far I couldn't be happier! Everyone at this spa is truly amazing and so welcoming, inviting, and genuine. I haven't met a better team of young girls or women, I truly love this spa and the team that works here and would recommend to anyone looking for a special self care treat or as a special gift for someone who can use a spa day! _______________________________________________________________ I have been coming to Pretty Asthetics for a few months now and have been seeing Dulci routinely for microneedling. I had a pretty bad experience at another spa and shared with Dulci my apprehensiveness to try it again, but I really wanted to see the results on my skin. Dulci did such a great job at listening to my concerns and making me feel so comfortable throughout the process. My skin has been looking so amazing and I've been seeing continued results over time. I am so happy I found this spa and will always use them for my facials and hopefully other services too as I continue to explore what they offer. I highly recommend checking them out, it's a great team of people and they provide a lot of different services.
Loretta Roche
Loretta Roche
Lisa Lung
Lisa Lung
Marjori is a talented aesthetician and a lovely person. I had lip and chin filler done and she is like a sculptor with the needle. I’m very happy with my results and thrilled that I found her.
Eu Scatambuli
Eu Scatambuli
Employees are really nice, work ethic! Amazing reception
Stefania Fontes
Stefania Fontes
Im obsessed with this place! It’s beautiful, it’s clean, and it has an amazing customer service! I’ve done facial cool peel treatment, and my skin is completely rejuvenated -LOVE IT! Also can’t say enough about Marjorie’s BOTOX 🙌 absolutely THE BEST. I highly recommend her. She knows what she is doing and always goes above and beyond to make sure I’m happy ❤️


Starting at $95.00

We remove the hairs above the lips and ensure that they are increasingly inhibited so that you have smooth, trouble-free skin.


Starting at $95.00

We treat chin hair with a laser to prevent it from growing and guarantee smooth, hair-free skin!

Lip and Chin

Starting at $130.00

All the hairs above the lips and chin will be treated with a laser to inhibit their growth so that you don’t experience any discomfort.


Starting at $95.00

We apply a laser with intense light and heat to your sideburns and during the treatment, we inhibit hair growth.


Starting at $90.00

With laser, we treat the hair growth in your armpits and ensure that it is inhibited by heat and intense light and you have smooth, even skin!

Full Arms

Starting at $220.00

So that you have smooth, even skin and no darkening caused by other types of hair removal, we use lasers to inhibit hair growth on the entire arm!

Half Arms

Starting at $110.00

So that you have smooth, even skin and no darkening caused by other types of hair removal, we use lasers to inhibit hair growth on half of the arms!

Full Legs

Starting at $450.00

We use the laser to inhibit hair growth on the entire leg and guarantee smooth, unencumbered skin.

Half Leg

Starting at $260.00

We use the laser to inhibit hair growth on half of the leg and guarantee smooth, discomfort-free skin.


Starting at $175.00

With high-tech, high-quality lasers, we treat and inhibit hair growth on the entire stomach area and give you smooth, hair-free skin.

Full Back

Starting at $285.00

So that you can have smooth skin, free from the discomfort caused by unwanted hair, we treat you with the latest generation of lasers to inhibit hair growth.


Starting at $200.00

Comfort and confidence will be possible because we carry out a really effective treatment with high-quality lasers on the intimate part of the bikini!


Starting at $245.00

We perform laser hair removal treatment on the entire intimate area to give you more comfort, as well as inhibiting their growth by the intense light and heat transmitted by the laser.


Starting at $220.00

To provide you with more safety and intimate comfort, we apply laser treatments that inhibit hair growth throughout the side area of the vaginal area.

Laser Evaluation

Starting at $25.00

We carefully track your progress using top-notch lasers during our treatment, keeping an eye on how things are going with a regular checkup to make sure everything’s on the right track.

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